Karin Lane
Status: Alive
Nationality: British
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Gerry Lane
Children: Rachel Lane
Constance Lane Tommy(Adoptive son)
Played by: Mireille Enos
Appears in: 1 film

Karin Lane is the wife of former United Nations investigator and discoverer of the zombie camouflage, Gerry Lane, who helped keep her safe during World War Z.


Not much is known about Karin's family, However is it speculated that she is british by birth as when Rachel asks if she is british at the start of the film she responds with "No, but your grandmother is" And when she asks Gerry if he could change the radio station to BBC he answers "No, your not british anymore, you lost the accent years ago, unless you have two glasses of wine"

Behind the ScenesEdit


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